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Of clichés and excuses


Marie Cocco wrote an essay for the Portland Oregonian titled, “The boys are being boys – yet again” (Tuesday, April 1st B7) in which she makes clear her opinion (in the first paragraph) that those in the Obama campaign and in the media who have called for Hillary to “throw in the towel” are doing so because “they tend to share a certain anatomical attribute.” That’s a direct quote.


How weak does your argument have to be to fall back on these tired clichés and excuses?

If I don’t vote for Hillary I’m sexist? But what if I don’t vote for Obama, am I racist?

Here’s something I never thought I’d say…I pity the men of the Democratic Party this election. They’ve been placed in a position to be either a bigot or a chauvinist.

Apparently I can NOT vote against Hillary based on my political preferences, NOT because I don’t agree with her agenda, and NOT because the Clinton’s, as a whole, tend to give me the creeps.

No, the only reason I wouldn’t support Hillary is because I have a penis.

That opinion is bad enough, but that The Oregonian would support such a sexist argument by giving it column space in their paper is mind boggling.

Now, let me put my “anatomical attribute” on the backburner for a moment (there’s a visual analogy…) and say that, personally, and though I have don’t share Clinton’s or Obama’s political party, I’d tell Hillary to hang in there.

I respect anyone, regardless of anatomy or skin color, who’s willing to keep fighting.

Sexism and racism are not dependant on a specific gender or race, and to fall back on these tired excuses simply shows the weakness of ones position.  Let’s get past the days were I can pull my “minority” trump card when the game isn’t going my way.

As for Cocco’s blatant man-bashing…I wonder what her (and her reader’s) reactions would be if I just dismissed Cocco’s argument by saying…

“Eh, it’s probably just her time of the month.”

Actually, I know what they would say because, as a man, I’m not allowed to be sexist.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I smell something burning in the kitchen…



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6 thoughts on “Of clichés and excuses

  1. What a lovely post. luckily I wasn’t drinking anything when you placed your manhood on the back burner or I would have had to buy a new keyboard and monitor. And ummm next time we get together you better be grilling something in the back yard because I’m not eating anything out of your kitchen for at least a few months.

  2. NWDrew,

    Hey, I was just overjoyed at the opportunity to refer to it as an “attribute…”



  3. YesMary on said:

    Hey Perk.
    Just catching up on your posts.
    Before jumping into this one, I polished off the “Boys Air’s”…the combination of both gave me a very different perspectives on one of my favorite dishes….Franks & Beans.

  4. Acerbic Villain on said:

    “If I don’t vote for Hillary I’m sexist?”


    “…if I don’t vote for Obama, am I racist?”


    Any questions?

    ~ AV


    AV – As usual, you show a deep understanding of modern politics. IE: Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

    I’m going a straight “Opus” ticket this time…


  6. OK- I’m cleaned up after the coffee came out my nose…

    In my opinion, you have to have an “attribute” to run for President, and Hillary certainly has one!

    Perhaps this explains the Monica Lewinsky thing??

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