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On her own two feet…


So it was torture watching her pull herself us, waiting for her to thump her melon against the glass as I stood by with the camera ready…but she did it, all by herself…

I’m not sure I’m ready for this…

It seems like yesterday that she was here…




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12 thoughts on “On her own two feet…

  1. Dinana on said:

    Now the fun really begins! No cabinet is safe, no outlet innocent~

    Remember, when she does crash…how you respond influences how she reacts!

  2. Dinana,


    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve already found that the “Ha Ha…Laugh it off…” response works wonders!

    Tho’, she seems to have a VERY high pain tolerance, and never cries at “head bonks” and such…


  3. What a big girl! Way to go, Gracie!

    Perry- Most assuredly you are not ready for this. Even after a million children, I am never ready for that. I cry every time. How can a parent be so proud and so scared at the same time?

    Move the crib mattress to the lowest setting and take the bumpers out. Mara was only 9.5 months old when she launched herself out of her crib.

    And for those moments when a really good thump on the melon results in an actual bleeding wound- keep a dark washcloth (preferably red) in the house. It cuts down on the visual trauma significantly to soak up blood in a rag that doesn’t display the gore.

    Standard operating procedure in our house for copious bleeding involves the aforesaid dark rag applied with good pressure to the wound, followed by the “Do I have to take you in or can I get by with super glue” assessment by this battle-hardened mom. I refuse to routinely submit myself to the “three hours and a thousand bucks” emergency room game without a very, good reason.


  4. Ohhhhh……look at that sweetie. Oooooohh…..what a cutie pie. I miss that kid. Good for you Gracie! Give them a run!

    Just another adoring fan 😉

  5. Meg,

    The “dark-rag” might be the most solid advice I’ve read yet (and I read a lot!)…

    You need to write a book!


  6. Ma…

    “Give them a run!”

    HEY!…whose side are you on? (as if I didn’t know…)

    Cass – take a good look…it’s pretty obvious where you’re mother’s loyalities lie…”Grandma” will always win…


  7. dinana on said:

    I love the “Now that I’m here what the heck am I supposed to do?” look in the last picture!

    I too like the dark rag idea, but my girls were always proud of their battle wounds, so they would have been disappointed not to see the copious amounts of blood!

  8. If you thought you saw amazement in Gracies eyes at all she’s learned and discovered so far . . . watch out! A whole new world is now opened up to her and I absolutely treasured watching my clan discover the world once they each got truly mobile.

    Just remember that kidproofing everything makes it harder for her to learn self control. Make sure to have some irresistable “pretties” down on her level (cheap and harmless, but tempting) so she learns to leave them alone when Mom and Dad have said they’re “no-no’s”. Doily’s and fake flowers are great (and easily removed when company comes so they don’t think your decorating taste has gone to 1950’s grandma style)

    Can’t wait to go through it all again with my much anticipated Grandson!!

  9. If you really want to freak people out give them a quick shower after thier head wound so that the blood mixes with water and they look like their covered from head to toe in blood.

    I learned this when Tyler banged his head while using the fountain in our front yard as a pool in Thailand. there were people running up and down the street and screams coming from all directions. he was actually only bleeding about as much as you do when you pop a pimple but it would have impressed a horror film critic.

  10. NWDrew–LOVE the fountain story. It is amazing how much water and blood make something look really horrible. We scared a nurse in the NICU at Emanuel with Alayne. When I held her for the first time, a connector piece to her IV came undone and she bled a little but the water leaked a lot and spread it all over my robe, my hospital gown and Alayne. The nurse was FREAKED. She kept it together for us because she was really shaky. Of course Alayne couldn’t really afford to lose even the little bit she lost but, on our second day of parenthood, it was good lesson on staying cool.

    Perry–I remember waiting forever for my kids to crawl and then they immediately started standing. It is scary how fast it happens. She looks so adorable and I’m so glad you were there to catch it all on film. What a priceless treasure–the pictures and your little girl.

  11. Yep, you gotta be tough so she can grow up tough! And, Dianna is right…Make sure you also invoke the 30 second rule…they will survive and you and sweet tea will be much less stressed!

  12. Gramma Darlene on said:

    Perry, great job getting priceless pictures.
    Grandpa Ward and I smiled from ear to ear.
    Grace has been such a sweet baby and on her best behavior in our presence.

    A baby shower card I saw recently had
    “Don’t worry about childproofing the house,
    one already got in”!

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