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There is a tree…

There is a tree…


In the midst of the garden, there is a tree.

It is the alpha and the omega.

We are the omega.


The omega is the branch, the twig, the leaf…all that is new every morning.

With every season the omega is new.

With every dawn the omega is new.

With every breath, the omega is new.

But the alpha never changes.

The alpha is the root, buried deep in the earth, the first and unchanged, giving life.


If the leaf denies its root, where will it draw life?

If the branch say’s “I am in the sky and the root is in the earth. I am new and it is old, so I am not a part of it” how will the branch grow?

The leaf is nourished by the root, it lives and grows and has its being only because of the root…but it is not the root.


The root survives the freeze of winter and the burning drought of summer, it is the beginning, deep and hidden, it is the eternal alpha that cannot be touched.

Every season brings new leaves that bud, and grow, and wither, each an instantaneous miracle, a flash of light, glorying in its own brief days and just as quickly gone.

And still the root remains unchanged.


Yet, all we see is the leaf, and by that we judge the tree.

By this leaf, we say, “I know what the tree is, it is this!”

By that leaf, we say, “I am not of this branch, but another!”

By another leaf, we say, “See, there is no tree, only the leaves!”


Yet the leaf is on the twig, the twig on the branch, the branch on the tree, and all lead to the root. And, the root is the alpha, the first, the beginning, that which reminds us…


…that in the midst of the garden, there is a tree.


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