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Hey all,

In our ongoing support and admiration of our troops, I wanted to share a great website I found this week: AnySoldier.com 

Many of us understand and agree that “Freedom isn’t free,” and would like to support the men and women of our armed forces, who are fighting overseas. But if, like me, you don’t have a personal friend or family member in the war, how can you help?

One answer is AnySoldier.com

 (BTW, this post isn’t about being “for” or “against” a war, and it’s not about personal politics, it’s about reaching out to out brothers, sisters, and cousins, who are sacrificing everything for our country.)

How it works:

You select one or more soldiers from the Where to Send page. You will notice the Soldier’s address includes the line, “ATTN: Any Soldier”. The Soldiers are volunteers for this effort, they will see the “Attn” line, and will put your letters and packages into the hands of Soldiers who don’t get much or any mail. This effort is 110% voluntary.

AnySoldier.com provides help on the What to Send and How to Send pages.

You send your support, and maybe some stuff, directly to whatever unit or units you want, you don’t send them (AnySoldier.com) anything. PLEASE read the entire web site before you send anything as they want you to be informed and comfortable with this effort.

Some notes from the website:

Letters are THE MOST requested thing by these Soldiers. A LETTER, from you, your children, the kids at church or school, is THE BEST THING to send.

See the “What to Send” link (above) for a list of small, practical items that would be a blessing for a soldier in the field.

Soldiers are warned not to eat anything that does not come in a factory sealed package. (If you have the BEST homemade chocolate-chip cookies in the world, send ‘em to me!)

This is not an effort to get you to spend a bunch of money, it is about you sending support to those who give us the freedom to express our thanks for our freedom.

PLEASE, if you want to show your support of out troops, visit this site and see how easy it is to do so!



PS – Most importantly, above letters, cookies, or gear…PRAY for the safety and health of our troops. Nothing will support our armed forces better than the power of prayer.

THEN, put some feet to those prayers by visiting AnySoldier.com!




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2 thoughts on “AnySoldier.com

  1. Dinana on said:

    ms. language person says:

    PRAY for the safely

    should be safety, otherwise, good post!

    My friend Becky’s husband just came home from Iraq. He was on R & R leave and was lucky in that his flight back was delayed due to safety inspections. He got 4 extra days at home! I think he’s about the only person who was happy about it~

  2. D – Good catch, thanks!


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