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Our Seattle Trip


Hey all,


For our 12th anniversary, we decided to drive up to Seattle and spend a few days seeing the sights. What a great time!


Luckily, we’re Oregonians, so we weren’t too disappointed that it rained (or hailed, or snowed) most of the time. The sun did break out at odd moments, but I don’t think it ever got warmer that about 50 degrees (except in our room, where the knob on the old radiator was broken and it stayed around 75 degrees day and night, lol!)


Here are a few of the highlights…


Gracie’s first French-fry…ever…when we stopped for lunch on Friday. I think she enjoyed the empty container more than the fry.



The girl’s having fun at Tup Tim Thai (both the food and service were awesome, btw!) Gracie loved the mangos and hated the coconut rice.



This would be “Vickie Heaven” the (seemingly) mile-long flower shop at Pike Place.



Watching the otters play at the Seattle Aquarium. Gracie thought the “underwater tunnel” was pretty cool, too.



The front entrance of the nunnery-turned-inn where we stayed. A little noisy, a little warm, but it was walking distance to most of the sights.



The butterfly room at the Pacific Science center



Gracie was more impressed with the giant butterfly kites that hung from the ceiling.



Looking up from the base of the Space Needle as the sun made a rare appearance.



Team Perk had an awesome dinner at the Space Needle restaurant, there’s something very weird about sitting at a table as the city rotates beneath you!


Of course, the trip would not have been complete without a trip to Mecca…the very first Starbucks (at Pike Place.)


So, we had a great time, though it was decided that, as Gracie has tagged along on our last two anniversary trips (tho’ she was much quieter in Hawaii, lol) we’ll be getting a sitter from now on.





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6 thoughts on “Our Seattle Trip

  1. I thought we were going to lose Perry in Pike’s Place (lose in the sense of he was close to exploding into a puff of dust, not lose in the “misplaced” sense)- it was way too crowded. But the flowers were wonderful.

    The Butterfly room was great, and I loved watching Gracie- she was mesmerized by their beautiful wings- and I was too. I wanted to take them all home with me- so many bright colors!

    The Space Needle was the other highlight for me.

    I’m glad we went, and I’m now, unfortunately, back from vacation…

  2. Mary Lou on said:

    I think your next trip should be to Spokane!!
    We have “Cat Tails” which is a zoo just for the larger kitties, they even have a liger!!! We also have some great museums, amazing falls and we are home to Patrick McManus (I doubt you will see him, but it’s worth mentioning). We also have great camping at Priest lake (my wife and I put 80 miles on the jeep traveling on the old fire roads, and had one road blocked by a moose. There is a 600 acre ORV park if you know anyone that has a jeep or other off road vehicle. We are also considered the Lilac city so we have many flower gardens.

    Just a thought

  3. Mary Lou on said:

    I should also mention we have a giant “Radio Flyer” You have to use a ladder to climb into the wagon and the handle is a slide!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Perry and Vickie! Sounds like you had a fun trip to celebrate. And a sweet little dolly to join the celebration.
    Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday though? We will celebrate our 14th next month. We have experienced so much, yet it all seems in the blink of an eye.

    MaryLou…Wow a Liger!
    We have a little zoo here with a giant tortoise. It’s nice to see it all in a few hours though, not like in Portland where you have to run a full day marathon to see *most* of it…(running behind your maniac husband who has taken control of the jogging stroller. Although that was years ago, I’m past it now…really. 😉 )

  5. Dinana on said:

    Gracie looks so “matter of fact” in the Space Needle picture!

    Yeah, I like to take pictures of Starbucks too. I have one from my trip to Japan, and my nephew has one in the “not so forbidden city” in China. It’s fun to do even if it’s just to piss them off…

  6. Mary Lou – That sounds great! Let’s plan that trip!

    Roberta – 14 years! Wow! Can it have really been that long? I still think of you two as the newbies, lol!

    Say a prayer for us, we “old folks” are having to push that jogging stroller now!

    The “liger” yeah, that’s “pretty much my favorite animal” too. Now if only I had some cool skills.


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