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The McCains

Hey all,


I thought the content of this email had some good information. There was some bashing of the Dems, which I deleted from this post. I’m not interested in starting a flame war or mud-slinging. I think good can speak for itself.


(Excepted from INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY – Thursday, May 01, 2008)


Cindy McCain has been disparaged as a trophy wife, a Barbie, an heiress with fancy purses, even the Paris Hilton of politics. But there’s more to the picture than meets the eye.


Yes, Mrs. McCain is the perfectly coifed blonde standing dutifully behind the senator during his speeches. And yes, she wears stylish clothing and carries a Prada purse.


And it’s true she doesn’t say much.


You don’t hear the McCains talk about it, but their 19-year-old Marine, Jimmy, is preparing for his second tour of duty. Their 21-year-old son, Jack, is poised to graduate from Annapolis and also could join the Marines as a second lieutenant. The couple made the decision not to draw attention to their sons out of respect for other families with sons and daughters in harm’s way.


Cindy also says she doesn’t want to risk falling apart on the campaign trail talking about Jimmy – who was so young when he enlisted she had to sign consent forms for his medical tests before he could report for duty – and potentially upsetting parents of soldiers who are serving or have been killed.


The McCains want to make sure their boys get no special treatment. Same goes for their five other children, including a daughter they adopted from Bangladesh.


During a visit to Mother Teresa’s orphanage there, Cindy noticed a dying baby. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save her life. So she brought the child home to America for the surgery she desperately needed. The baby is now their healthy, 16-year-old daughter, Bridget.


Though all seven McCain children – including two Sen. McCain adopted from his first marriage – are supportive of their father, they prefer their privacy to the glare of the campaign trail. Another daughter, Meghan, 23, helps him behind the scenes.
Cindy McCain not only cherishes her children, but also her country, which in an election year filled with America-bashing, is a refreshing novelty.


Mrs. McCain also is a hands-on philanthropist. She sits on the board of Operation Smile, which arranges for plastic surgeons to fix cleft palates and other birth defects. She also has helped organize relief missions to Micronesia .


During a vacation to the islands, Mrs. McCain took a friend to a local hospital to have a cut treated. She was shocked, and saddened, by what she saw.


“They opened the door to the OR, where the supplies were, and there were two cats and a whole bunch of rats climbing out of the sterile supplies,” she recalled. “They had no X-ray machine, no beds. To me, it was devastating because it was a U.S. trust territory.”


As soon as she returned home, she arranged for medical equipment and teams of doctors to be sent to treat the island children.


Cindy also sits on the board of CARE, which fights global poverty and works to empower poor women.


While many talk about helping the poor and needy, Cindy McCain actually rolls up her sleeves and does it.


That sounds like First Lady material to me.






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2 thoughts on “The McCains

  1. First Lady definately but, she sounds like the best candidate for president I’ve heard of in years.

  2. Duck on said:

    I’m not a big fan of McCain but I will give him this there isn’t a lot of family dirt the liberal press can dig up against him and he definitely seems to have a high level of personal integrity something that has been absent since…since…Lincoln? Ugh.

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