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Father’s Day

Hey all,

Okay, so this was my first father’s day.

To be honest, I had totally forgotten and had suggested to Vic that she spend Father’s day with her dad (in Eugene) and I spend it with mine (in Wilsonville.)

She was agast, and said…”What about YOU?!?” Then I remembered, oh yeah, I’m a father too!

We had a great day! I actually got a “your majesty” from Vic (Though she did remind me what happened to dictators who abused their authority!) so I tried to keep it simple!

Had a nice lunch (got a couple of movies and my favorite sandwich) and a new hat. I guess I can retire the “Rookie Dad” hat, in favor of the new “World’s Greatest Dad.


What other profession can allow you to advance that far in just a year?

Gracie also pitched in towards my new pig cooker, and got me an awesome new BBQ cookbook, what more could a dad ask for?!?

Then we grabbed a couple of Mondo Burritos and headed over to my Dad’s apartment for dinner. He got a new hat (World’s Greatest Grandpa), and some of his favorite munchies as well.

A GREAT day was had by all!




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One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Mary Lou on said:

    I am glad you enjoyed your first fathers day!
    It’s a crazy feeling isn’t it?

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