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Bachelor recipes…

So I was talking with an old college roomie this week, and the subject turned to all those interesting things we used to eat when we were single, poor, and short on time. (As opposed to married, poor, and short on time.)
Now, anyone can nuke a bowl of ramen, but my grandfather was a chef, my father was a chef, and I was raised in kitchens (both domestic and professional) and I just can’t eat a bowl of tasteless, mushy noodles. 
Nor, however, was I (at twentish) in a position to buy salmon or filet mignon. Not that I didn’t know how to cook ’em, I just couldn’t afford ’em!
So, we had to find a happy medium, something to fill the gap in the beloved TacoBell forty-nine cent menu. (Remember that?)
You know, those meals that, when mentioned, makes your wife’s eyes roll to Cleavland.
Now that I am in such a comfortable financial position that I can pick up a Big Mac or a couple of soft tacos almost anytime I want, I look back on those days of desperation with bittersweet fondness. I mean, some of the stuff we came up with was pretty darn good!
Here’s one of my favorites:
The “Swanson Burrito”
1. A ninety-nine cent TV dinner (sometimes on sale two for a dollar, woo-hoo!)
2. A couple of flour tortillas (about 10 cents each)
3. Dash of tobasco, bbq sauce, or teriaki sauce. (Stolen from the college cafeteria)
4. Salt and pepper (see #3)
Cook TV dinner according to instructions, remove dessert and eat first (Hey, our mom’s weren’t there, right?)
Combine meat, starch, and veggie in a bowl. Chop and mix. Add the dash of whatever.
Spoon mixture into two tortillas, wrap and eat. Note: The best TV dinners for this recipe were:
 a. Boneless fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn
 b. Salsbury steak, tots, and mixed veggies
 c. BBQ pork mystery meat, mashed potatoes, and corn.
This recipe had the basic food groups (sorta) was cheap, quick, and portable. We were also big fans of a recipe called “The Cannibal Sandwich” but I won’t list it here for the sake of my wife.
What were YOUR favorite “quick, easy, and cheap” recipes for singlehood?
(Bachelorettes: please feel free to chime in as well!)

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2 thoughts on “Bachelor recipes…

  1. 1. What college did you go to that had a cafeteria?

    2. I also wanted something more flavorful than the ramen that my roomates and dormmates were eating. We were allowed to have a slow cooker in our room but not a hotplate. So I went and found a slow cooker that was a metal dish on the equivalent of a hot plate.

    The most common recipe was a chicken breast chopped up, can of cream of mushroom soup, can of corn, and some ramen packets. Cost at the time ~$2. Fed 2-4 depending on which roomate or neighbor came over.

    We also often used the hot plate (illegal but technically legal due to it being the base of the legal slow cooker) to make scrambled eggs, fried egg sandwiches, french toast, pancakes, etc.

  2. Drew,

    Clackamas had an awesome cafeteria.

    As YOU were one of my roomates when I was in college, I can only assume that the experience was so horrible that your mind blocked it out, lol.

    Remember that ritzy apartment of ours in beautiful downtown Milwaukie?

    That chicken and mushroom congromeration sounds pretty good!

    “scrambled eggs, fried egg sandwiches, french toast, pancakes”

    Funny, I don’t remember you cooking that kind of stuff when “I” lived with you!!!


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