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Hey all,

Okay, so I’ve gotten a little grief over the last year because the majority of my Cubeville blog-posts has been about Gracie. (And my heartfelt response would be…tough beans! It’s my blog and I’ll post what I frickin’ want…lol!)

However, I do understand that there are folks out there who have not yet come to understand the all-encompassing awesomeness that is Gracie (I still love you and I’m praying for you) and would like to see more of the insightful and thought-provoking (just kidding) content that we had on Cubeville before the girl was born.


I’ve created a new “ALL GRACIE-ALL THE TIME” blog at http://ricecereal.wordpress.com/ titled, “Rice Cereal Sucks.” (Read the posts and you’ll understand.)

For those of you who couldn’t give a flip about me, my writing, my politics, or my insights on all things gross and immature (and I know you’re out there) this will be the place to catch Gracie updates and pictures. I’ve included all of the previous blog posts regarding Her Majesty, and will be adding back in the original comments over the next few weeks.

All of that old content will still remain on the Cubeville Blog as well.




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