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Thus ends a decade…

Hey all,

Well, it is with mixed emotions that I am writing to let you know that after 10 years with Xerox Corporation, today is my last day.

Up until a year ago I had the privilege of working with two of the best manager/leaders I’ve ever known and we accomplished some great stuff together. Sadly (for me) they both moved on to greener pastures and the new leadership has a different vision than theirs.

I’ve been telecommuting for 14 months now, maintaining and writing for the FCP blog, working about 2/3 time, and being a stay-at-home dad, but I was recently made an offer that I had to refuse: returning to full-time onsite work with a number of new and less-that-pleasant responsibilities.

I respectfully declined.

My goals are to help raise my daughter and to advance my writing skills and career, neither of which would benefit (in fact, quite the opposite) from this change.

So…falling back on my old dad’s mantra of “I was looking for a job when I found this place…” I let them know that I had to say no to their offer. (I actually suspect that was the real goal of the offer anyway.)

For now, I’ll be focusing on my book sales, non-fiction sales (magazine articles, blog posts, etc) and ramping up the editing services that I’ve dinked around with the last few years.

Your prayers are, as always, appreciated, as well as any leads you might have for book sales, writing markets, of folks in need of a professional (but reasonably priced) copy-editor.

With the total support and encouragment of my uber-awesome wife, I’m hopeful and optimistic that this is the push I’ve needed to get my writing to cruising altitude.

Like I always say, “People who tell you ‘don’t quit your day job’ never do!”



PS – Anybody wanna buy a book? LOL!


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8 thoughts on “Thus ends a decade…

  1. Christina on said:


    I can’t imagine what its like to have to make that kind of decision, but I imagine it does not come as a big surprise. Hopefully, this is an opportunity in the making and with an UBER AWESOME wife and child you will be successful. I will keep my eyes and ears open to people who might have copy-editing needs…

    Take Care,

  2. freedomphil on said:

    I might have something for you actually. At least an idea and rough outline. We need to get together for some coffee and talk!

  3. Christina,

    Thanks! It really wasn’t that hard of a decision once I listed the pros and cons.

    Working in a job I don’t like, in a cube, for people I can’t relate to, for half my pay (minus daycare and loss of writing income) while strangers care for my only child all day…

    See what I mean?



  4. Philster,

    You bet!

    Don’t try to call this weekend, the mic on my phone is fubar and, though I can hear you, you won’t be able to hear anything I’m saying…


    That’s gotta be an answer to SOMEBODY’S prayers, lol.

    Great little coffee shop here in Wilsonville and I’m available…well…pretty much all the time!

    I’ll even pay and call it a business expense.


  5. Hey… so is the thing with the phone the reason you haven’t returned my calls??? You should give me a call when you get this.
    I am happy for your big career move!! You’ll do great!

  6. mary lou on said:

    Hey, Bubba!!
    That is a scarey decision and I’m glad you made the right call on that. I don’t have any ideas for you beyond letting me know whenever you have something published and I will shamelessly pimp it out to everyone I know and of course buy some for myself.
    I will keep you in my prayers and I am sure it will go well.

    Mary Lou

    PS Does this mean you are going to fall back on your old “exotic” dancing career?

  7. M –

    You, me, and a case of Schlitz Malt Liquor hardly constitutes a “career.”

    …and I still want my tiara back.


  8. Dean S. on said:

    Knowing you from the “early days” and then having the fortune of connecting with you recently I only see positive things coming from this. I am a firm believer that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. By the way, after 60 years I finally figured out how to make a good roast.


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