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Van Zallee Article in Military Officer Magazine

Hey all,

For those of you who know my good buddy Van Zallee, I just wanted to let you know that an article I wrote about him, and his participation on the 2007 Portland Marathon, has been published in Military Officer Magazine.

Title: A Soldier Ahead

That link will take you to the full (original) article on my website, and there is a link on that page to the posted article and photo on the magazine’s page.




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5 thoughts on “Van Zallee Article in Military Officer Magazine

  1. What a great article! So much to be proud of in our great country.

  2. What in the world is the “Kiss me so I’ll get pregnant” link all about?

  3. Jeni,

    Sorry about that. The “Related Posts” is a feature that was added in the automatic upgrade awhile back.

    (Automatic feature upgrades…Grrr….)

    Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve disabled it.


  4. Christina on said:

    What a FANTASTIC article!!! The complete one and the glossy cut down version for publication. I think the picture and the statement really capture the picture of Van’s heart, dedication, and commitment.

    It always amazes me how well you capture the feeling and spirit of an experience with your words…a true heart of a writer, and I feel spoiled to get to read so much of it.

    Thanks for sharing Perry.

  5. Mrs. E Nigma on said:

    Can you start putting a “you will need a tissue” disclaimer at the bottom for me?

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