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The $5.55 Date

Hey all,


Okay…so I’m only a week into this full-time writing gig and I’m already learning some valuable lessons…


Writer’s launching a freelance career ain’t got no money!


Still, the weather was perfect yesterday, we had no plans for the evening, and I HAD to get out of the house. It was time to take my sweetie on a date anyway, but here was the rub…I had a budget of about five bucks.


You know what?


We had an awesome date!


It’s amazing what you can do with 90% creativity and 10% cash…


The $5.55 Date Plan


Step one: Pile into the minivan, load the kiddo’s stroller and head down the street.

Cost: $0 (okay, maybe a few cents in gas to drive 2 miles roundtrip.)

Time: 10 minutes 



Step two: Dinner


Swing through the Wendy’s drive-through…

2 – 1/4lb Double Stacks, heavy onion and pickle (we love each other) = .99/ea

2 – “Value drinks” 16oz = .99/ea

1 – Medium Fry (split) = $1.59

Total: $5.55

Time: 5 minutes




  The Fountain at Wilsonville           Keeping her Highness happy…


Step three: A Romantic Setting

Drive to the library and park.

Load the kidlet into her stroller, grab the grub, and walk across the street to the park. Grab a picnic table in sight of the fountain, and enjoy. Talk about your day; feed the baby a couple of French fries…

Cost: $0

Time: 30 minutes




Okay, a bit narcissistic, I know, but I love seeing my books at the library, lol!



Step four: Make the most of freebies

After dinner, walk back over to the library and peruse the shelves. We grabbed a couple of funny books, and a romantic movie or two. (NOTE: If you haven’t been to the library, they have a HUGE selection of both VHS & DVD, everything from oldies, to documentaries, to the latest Hollywood hits.

Cost: $0

(This actually saved us money, as we won’t be renting any movies this week. I may even cancel my Netflix subscription.)

Time: 60 minutes




Step five: Enjoy the Sunset

After checking out from the Library, we headed back to the park and took a leisurely stroll through the park, swung Gracie on the swings, watched the teenagers being “cool” (this was entertainment in itself) and enjoyed the landscaping, the water-fountains, talking and walking hand in hand.

Cost: $0

Time: 30 minutes



TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 15 minutes



No noisy crowds, no babysitting hassles, and no “buyer’s remorse” over a hefty restaurant bill! We got to talk, play with the baby, get a little exercise, and grab some entertainment for the rest of the week.


A great time!


All for a fiver and some change!


So…what would YOU do on a five-dollar date?


(This is for posterity so…please…be honest…)





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10 thoughts on “The $5.55 Date

  1. Dana Shalom on said:

    Looks like you got past first base!
    Great job on the date night.
    I noticed The writer used a double negative in the second sentence.”ain’t got no money”

  2. I’m a writer…I know the rules and can therefore break them, lol.

    I give the truth scope…


  3. mary lou on said:

    “I give truth scope..”
    You also steal lines from movies!!!
    I may not be quite as big a movie geek as you but I do know that quote!!
    Nice job on the date though!!!

  4. freedomphil on said:

    Might have been a cheap date but it wasn’t that healthy (at least the food bit).

  5. Philster…

    Well, in the grand American tradition, let’s look at this “in context” here…

    There was a day when I would have ordered:

    Wendy’s Baconator: (830 Calories, 51g Fat, 35 Carbs)
    Large Fries: (550 calories, 26g Fat, 73 Carbs)
    Lg. Frosty: (530 calorlies, 14g Fat, 86 Carbs)

    Total: 1900cal, 91g Fat, 194 Carbs.

    OUR dinner (Double Stack, 1/2 medium fries (split) , and a diet Coke) was:

    Total: 615cal, 32g Fat, 56carbs

    Positively vegan!


    For all you “salad eating holier-than-thou” types out there: (you KNOW who you are!)

    A Chicken BLT Salad would have been 780 calories, 53g Fat, 42 Carbs.

    I’ll stick with the cow menu, thanks!


    PS – Philster- I worked where YOU worked…you should know I can justify ANYTHING! LOL.

  6. Freedom Phil on said:

    Double Stacks by themselves have 576 cals, 32g of fat, and 39g carbs — french fries from Wendy’s (small size) are 453 cals, 23g fat, and 56g carbs (so 225, 11.5 & 26 split) — not hugely different than your numbers but a bit higher.

    Makes the total closer to that salad after all. /o\

    Also justifying it by comparing it to other fast food is kind of funny. (:

  7. Phil…why do you do this to me?


    1/4lb Double Stack 360 cal, 18g fat, 26 carbs
    Medium fry: 430 cal, 20g fat, 56 carbs

    Half of which would be: 215 cal, 10g fat, 28 carbs

    Added together = 575 cal, 29g fat, 54 carbs

    Actually a bit lower than my original post.


  8. He does it because he needs an outlet from his maternal repression.


  9. Wow…I feel like I’ve just gone back in time fifteen years…





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