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Banner Day for The Obamagonian…


Okay, so I’ve realized from the start that my local newspaper, The Oregonian, had its own agenda in the coming (and every) political race.


The Oregonian is a Democratic Party newsletter…we all know that.


What amazed me about today’s edition was that The Oregonian has apparently surrendered all pretense of “non-biased reporting” (snort) and even their former ham-handed attempts at subtlety in telling their readers who to vote for.


I took two sections for today’s paper (Friday, August 29, 2008): Section A (front page) and Section C (metro.)


The Obama coronation…err…nomination issue looked like this…


Page A1 was a half page picture of Obama, apparently applauding the American flag, with a caption in huge-point bold font: “Nomination like no other.”


This was followed by 8 pages (out of 20) covering Barack Obama, and/or the Democratic Party. 


Now… of these 20 total pages 7 ½ were ads, 1 was obits, and 1 was weather.


So, out of 12 ½ pages of “news” Obama and the Dems got 8 pages with a total of 12 articles (and 1 cartoon.) 2 of which were written by the Oregonian’s editorial staff.

(The newspaper equivalent of getting to grade your own English final…)



  1. Nomination like no other (A1)
  2. Viewing Parties (Portlander’s delight at Obama’s message…) (A1)
  3. 4 days in Denver (A5)
  4. Obama: Senator touts ambitious new programs (A7)
  5. Supporters at Obama speech (A8)
  6. Obama lays out far reaching vision (A8)
  7. Speech sways one voter to Obama camp (A9)
  8. Obama: Some specifics, no surprises (A10)
  9. Lewis brings them to their feet (A10)
  10. Investigation finds no plot against Obama
  11. Savoring a historic moment (C6) By the Oregonian Editorial Board
  12. Obama matches the moment (C6) By David Sarasohn, Associate Editor
  13. Many fans, few friends (C6)
  14. Dreams come true (where comic artist Jack Ohman apparently channels the spirits of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln to support Obama.

How many articles on Republican candidate John McCain?: 1

(A less that ¼ page article on A2 titled, “McCain’s team mum on VP pick.”)


Editors…just do us all a favor, stop insulting our intelligence, stop pretending any form of neutrality, and rename your paper “The Obamagonian!”




(BTW, all you Hillary supporters who have been crying into your Chia tea and pointing accusing fingers at the Cro-Magnon “good-old-boys” of your party, go back and take a look at the last years worth of Oregonian newspapers and count the “Pro-Hillary” vs. “Pro-Obama” write-ups. You’ll quickly see whom you should be lambasting!)


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20 thoughts on “Banner Day for The Obamagonian…

  1. Dinana on said:

    You know, as I read David Reinhard’s column, and wonder how Oregon could have an neanderthal, knuckle dragging (is that redundant) columnist, I wonder how YOU can say the Oregonian is a democratic newspaper…

  2. Dinana on said:

    Furthermore…next weeks paper will be filled with Repugnican Convention news…and the fact that the “good ol’ boys” actually let a woman THINK she was part of their plan…

  3. Wow! Dinana! One WHOLE column by a Repugnican?!?!
    That’s fair!

  4. Dinana,

    ANNNND…our token “flaming liberal” has spoken…


    PS – In an unusual sense of fairness, I will post the same stats from the Obamagonian when it “covers” the Republican convention next week.

    PPS – Sorry to hear you admit that your girl wasn’t smart enough to see through the “good-old-boys” plans…

    The world is full of good-old-boys…if she couldn’t make the first hurdle, maybe it’s best she’s out.

  5. Dinana on said:

    Uh Vic…that’s one conservative, one liberal…I didn’t say he was a repugnican…

    flame on!

  6. Dana Shalom on said:

    so does the symbols say ‘ kiss ass first?

  7. Dana,

    The final symbol is “award.”

    I will leave the rest to your interpretation.



  8. Lol…. great typo, Perk…. “Chia tea”. What to do when your Mr. T Chia Pet is getting a little shaggy in the mohawk department? Buzz it off and make Chia Tea with the clippings!

  9. Wade,

    I should have figured that you or Chaney would catch me on something like this.

    That’s what I get for relying on Google.

    Both “Chia” and “Chai” bring up tea references, so I just put in “Chia” saw posts about tea and thought I was good to go…

    Apparently, Google posters aren’t any smarter than me…how sad.



    PS – I’m a Kona man, myself.

  10. I’m just picking on you because you had to go an associate Chai with liberals. C’Mon man… Chai doesn’t turn people into liberals, Planned Parenthood does.

    Vote Palin 2010!!!! McCain may have just won my vote by picking the one running mate I didn’t think he had the stones to choose. I told my wife about Sarah Palin 6 months ago, but said McCain would never pick her. Color me pleasantly surprised. Plus, if he croaks in 2 years, she’ll be the hard to beat incumbent! Whee!

  11. Acerbic Villian on said:

    Yah… from one Puppy-Eating-Ebil-Right-Wing-Conservative-Neanderthaal to another… we’ve always known the following:

    1) We live in The People’s Republic Oregonistan: oh well, maybe I can brag to out-of-towners that my mass-transit system won some award somewhere as we sit in traffic.

    2) The Obamagonian <- PRICELESS BTW! has always been, and always WILL BE a half-hearted quasi-journalistic (at best) liberal frothy-mouthed blab rag.

    3) We’re screwed… We’re minority-reds in a big gay blue-state.

    Regarding Chia-tea… nope, totally missed it… I just thought it was some other kind of tea out there.

    I DO like Chai Tea… does that make me a liberal fascist pig now?

  12. Acerbic Villian on said:

    I particularly liked this one:

    “7. Speech sways one voter to Obama camp (A9)”

    Which one?

    Which down’s-syndrome-mouth-breather voter would actually get swayed by a SPEECH!?!?

    Did they flash a lot of pretty shiny things during the speech or something? (really I don’t know, I don’t watch TV much) I’ve heard somewhere that’s the way to get the “differently-abled” interested, but heck, if it will sway the vote, I’ll start putting up pretty shiny balloons with McCain on them. We’ll pull Oregonistan out of it’s death spiral yet!


  13. AV,

    I’ve said it before, and I’m not afraid to say it again…

    You ARE the wind beneath my wings!

    I’m WEEPING here…


  14. Acerbic Villian on said:

    To be honest: I’m regularly bombarded with the liberal “We’re are more smarter than you ’cause we is libarols and stufff and things like that… take THAT yuo stoopid Repubnican!!!”

    I have a neighbor who has a bumper sticker “I think, therefore I’m Liberal”…. I fight the urge to light her minivan on fire daily.

    It’s probably safe to say that, based on the stereotypical views that the opposing parties have of each other, that Liberals think they’re SMARTER than you, Conservatives think they’re more MORAL than you. I won’t comment on whether or not I think those prejudices are correct.

    I’ve participated in a lot of discussion with people on what makes a liberal and what makes a conservative. I’ve found that I’m firmly founded on conservative values regardless of my moral/religious foundations. It’s not because I think it would be best for ME (which, in reality I know it would), but because I think supporting conservative views on a world and local level would be best for my children.

    To think that there is a vast and dynamic difference in Democrats and Republicans is a gross misconception resulting from fundamentally incorrect reasoning. Politicians are politicians. Some smart person on the internet somewhere once said: “Republicans will tell you they represent the little guy, the small business owner, and the family, while in reality, they represent big business and lobbyists. Democrats will tell you they represent minorities, diversity and change, while in reality, they represent big business and lobbyists.” Although negative, I think there’s a tinge of truth to that statement.

    It is important to base your judgments of the representatives who might … you know… represent us on things such as track record, qualifications, and LASTLY ON WHAT THEY SAY at a rally. Good grief!

    It is this foundation that lead to me reacting so … negatively… to the idea that someone who (in my experience) regularly plays the role of “independent thinker” or “more intelligent” … or “the unique-anti-establishment snowflake” saying they were swayed by a SPEECH. You can certainly be encouraged, or uplifted by someone who puts words together well. That’s not uncommon. To be swayed … to completely switch from (presumably) a Republican viewpoint to a Democratic one?



    Apologies to may have not gotten that out of my … acerbic reply a couple posts above. 🙂

  15. Acerbic Villian on said:

    OH LORD!

    I actually had a Liboruhl corner me at the office just 15 minutes ago and ask who I was voting for. I told him …. he shook his head in that fun little condescending way that I think they teach off-camera at Democratic Conventions.

    We’ll miss him…

  16. AV-

    A well thought-out response, thank you.

    This is why much of my political views seem to flow from the idea, “I don’t like to vote for politicians.”

    I’d love to see a day where campaigning, and televised debates were outlawed, and every American was sent a “resume” that they could (as though they would) study, research, and base their vote on.

    ‘Course, I’d also like to like in Wonka’s chocolate factory with the Oompa Loompa’s too.



    Are you selling bumper stickers?

  18. Acerbic Villian on said:

    Drew… I would absolutely print and sell those bumper stickers, but most of the liboruhls out there wouldn’t get it.

    I’d have stinky hippie types honking and giving me the thumbs up (rather than the gesture I get from my OTHER bumper sticker):

    “Except for ending slavery, nazism, fascism and communism WAR HAS NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING!”


  19. Freedom Phil on said:

    Did you ever do a comparison on how many McCain articles the Portland daily fish wrap did during the Republican convention?

  20. Phil,

    Nope. Sorry…there didn’t seem to me enough interest in the actual topic of the original post to make the effort worthwhile.

    I do recall that there were a number of articles, and most of them contained some type of slant or barb.

    I wonder how many there would have been if the Palin debut hadn’t put blood in the water?

    BTW, “Portland daily fish wrap” is beautiful.


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