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McCain goes all in…


Okay, this was just frickin’ brilliant poker…


After waiting for his younger, prettier, more popular rival to show his Biden card,  McCain smiles, pushes all of his chips to the middle…


….and lays down Govenor Sarah Palin.


Obama’s Jacks: McCain’s too old…I’m young and fresh.,,

McCain’s Queens: Palin is 44. Younger than both McCain AND Obama.


Obama’s Queens: No more “Career politicians”…I’m one of the people!

McCain’s Kings: Here’s a hockey-mom, an all-American girl from Alaska…the last frontier (with a 90% approval rating, no less), a govenor, a wife, and a mother of five, including a newborn with Down’s syndrome.


You don’t get any tougher than that.


Obama’s Kings: “Women of the democratic party, you wanted the first woman President, but I whupped her, so…how about me and Biden instead?”

McCain’s Aces: “First woman president…no can do…but, how about we balm the wounds with the first woman vice-president?”

(Something the Obama camp apparently didn’t think of!)


Note: Every pissed-off soccer-mom who wanted to vote for Hillary now has a second choice for the first woman in the oval office.   And, a real woman, not that scary Clinton fem-borg…No sissy girl here, Palin got the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” for her fierce competitiveness on the basketball court in high school.


If I ever questioned McCain’s ability to be president, I do so no longer.


Anyone who can quietly check the river, letting his opponent mug to the crowd and go all in, and then pull this ace from his sleeve…I trust him to go heads up with any player in the world.


As far as I’m concerned, John McCain just won the world series of politics.




Quick video of Palin’s acceptance.






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23 thoughts on “McCain goes all in…

  1. Right soul, Wrong timing..
    For Sarah Palin the next four years should be..

    -taking care of her newborn (with Downs Syndrome) ,
    -mothering her daughter who will be a teenage mother and in a new marriage,
    -taking care of the two other daughters by being a present parent,
    -keeping the government from destroying the Alaskan frontier (who will be the all-American still defending that?)

    If she were just 3-5 yrs older with a few more years in office, used her passport again, her daughters will be out of the woods instead of a ‘not completely there’ mother and came to the game not out of female tokenism but out of it actually being the right time.

    She simply will not be able to do it all.
    Someone will fall through the cracks….and isn’t patching up the cracks is what it is all about?

    We need to start praying for that family

  2. I’m actually really struggling with this whole thing. While I completely respect and admire the career and leadership Sarah Palin has shown in Alaska, I just can’t seem to get excited about her as Vice President. Now, it should be noted that I’m one of those sexist women who aren’t really comfortable with a woman as Commander and Chief anyway, but if I had to choose a woman for the job I don’t think I would choose a 45 year old woman with a young family to raise. I’m actually frustrated because I feel like we’ve made some headway explaining to women that yes-you can have it all-just not all at once. Children are not indifferent when it comes to having adult supervision. They need and want their parents. Even Billy Graham in his autobiography regretted being gone for much of his children’s lives, and said if he could do it all over, he would have put their needs first. Does the magnitude of the calling and the ability to excel at it justify the cost? I know I will be in the minority on this, but seriously, everyone is comfortable with the picture of her dealing with Osama Bin Laden, Chavez, Akmadinajad, KimJung Ill? I know she is running on the ballet as the VP, but she’s one pretzel away from the Oval Office. Besides, we’ll be looking at her name at the top of the ballet in 2016. McCain is not my favorite, but I respect him and his experiences and personality make me feel a little better about the security of this country, but there’s nothing about her that invokes in me that kind of confidence. Of course, the Obama/Biden team make me want to puke so it’s clear who I’ll be voting for. That doesn’t mean I like my options.

  3. I completely agree with comment #1. Instead of securing my vote as another mother with a large family, I am appalled at her apparent willingness to short change her family. I gave birth at around the same time Sarah Palin did this spring. Her little one was born on Mara’s birthdate, Apr 23 and my little guy debuted May 9th. He needs me. Her baby needs her.

    And that doesn’t even take into account her pregnant daughter. Having been the pregnant 17 yo, I can say that a mother’s support is invaluable in making the abrupt and unexpectedly early transition from carefree teen to mother. Her daughter needs her.

    And with one crazy nomination, I have no where to vote.

  4. You’ll pardon me for quoting grand-dad here, but ya’all wouldn’t be happy if they hung ya with a new rope!

    You’re reacting EXACTLY as the liberal media is hoping you’ll react as they focus all of thier efforts on her poor latch-kid kids, shivering out on the cold doorstep of the White House, waiting for mommy to get home.

    Obviously their father isn’t able to help raise the kids…he’s a man.

    As for the 17yr old daughter…tough cookies.

    So, mom should have turned down the nomination becuase her daughter got pregnant?

    How do you think she’d (the daughter) would feel for the rest of her life knowing that her indiscretion cost her mother the second highest public office in the world?

    She’s made her decision, her family seems to support her, why don’t we all put down our copies of The Village Voice, and let Sarah Palin deal with her OWN personal life, and we can deal with this election?


  5. While I agree that her family needs her, and that’s a valid arguement, I won’t vote for her for this reason:

    As a woman, she stands for very little I believe in. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she gets my vote.


    Okay, I reread my post above (#4) and realized it came off harsher than it should have.

    I have a firm rule to never delete anything I’ve written, so instead, let me add this…

    I still disagree with the points made, and stand by my support of Palin, but I also need to point out that:

    Both of the ladies who posted, and to whom I was responding, also happen to be two of the smartest women I know, and two of the best mothers I’ve ever met. They are my friends, and women I have great respect for.

    Neither of them would ever disparage a father’s role in his children’s lives.

    …and neither would be caught dead with a copy of the village voice, lol.

    There. Now I’m just disputing their points and not being an ***hole.

    I’ll try to have some coffee before I respond from now on, lol.


  7. PERRY,
    I believe you have missed the intent of my comment (#1).

    I believe a woman can do the job.

    I also believe that the American family needs strengthening. And a family aready displaying symptoms of challenges needs our prayer.

    Perry, let’s pretend: today you are asked to serve your country and “leave” Gracie, your miracle and healthy baby, greatly reducing your attention to her. How does that build up the American fabric? Where is your influence best placed? And Gracie is healthy.

    Your Country or the Universe that God has given to you in Gracie?

    That is all I am saying.

    After Palin’s speech- I’d rather be behind her than in front of her that is for sure….

    As for..”As for the 17yr old daughter…tough cookies.” I really, really, REALLY hope that is not what you meant. May Gracie never go out of the moral standard you will instill in her. And if she ever would, I hope Dad has earned the sensitivity merit badge long before that happens.

  8. Xbound…

    I must disagree…

    1. I will (hopefully) raise my daughter to take responsibility for her own actions. She will always have my love and support, as I’m sure Palin’s daughter will.

    I’m curious why taking the job of vice-president automatically infers that she will abandon all pretense of caring for her family?

    Should this assesment be placed on ALL working mothers?

    2. “Your Country or the Universe that God has given to you in Gracie?”

    Sorry, but I refuse that they are mutually exclusive options. Please present me with the facts showing that being vice-president means abandoning your children?

    …and, btw, if we all thought like that, we’d have no standing army and/or we’d all still be British.

    Here’s the question I haven’t heard anyone ask yet:

    What mother wouldn’t seize the opportunity to make a real differnence in the society that her children will grow up in?

    Sara Palin has that real opportunity in front of her.

    How/if that will effect her personal relationship with her family is only conjecture at this point.

    Why do we never ask this question when the candidate is a man?

    I would say this to all of the folks out there who seem to want to place their own ability limitations on a woman they don’t even know:

    Just because YOU couldn’t do it, please don’t assume NO ONE could.

    That’s egomania.

    Personally, she seems like the “everyman” I’ve been waiting a long time for, and I’m willing to give her a chance.


  9. Ok, am I missing what I said to make Perry so defensive?…..(was there enough coffee in the house this morning?)

    …..hmmm smell the language de la “absolutism” in the air-ahhh

    If Palin gets the job she will be “brilliant” and everyone will prosper
    her children will be “outstandingly well adjusted” and “perfect”
    (Sarcastic conjecture)

    “Should this assesment be placed on ALL working mothers?”…..ah, it already is…but most moms come home each night and do not have body guards (just saying)
    (oh, and the kids and the grandkid will have body guards too-talk about stress. 🙂

    “that being vice-president means abandoning your children?” versus
    “She simply will not be able to do it all.
    Someone will fall through the cracks….and isn’t patching up the cracks is what it is all about?”
    Same dif , huh? (more sarcasism )

    Where is the LACK of sweeping, harsh comments and discussion of details, however emotional?
    I attacked nothing but questioned. That is still legal, right?

    Thank you Perry for your attention to this- I so appreciate your writing and all you do-chili too! 🙂

  10. Perry – are you serious? You seriously are surprised that some women aren’t thrilled about a mother of young children helping to run the country? We are supposed to be the group that rejects situational ethics, and yet what I’m hearing from you is that if the cause is right – don’t let the demands and obligations of children get in the way of making a difference! It is silly and naive to think she can mother effectively, and meet the demands and expectations that the Vice President of United States will have. The requirements of that position rightfully devour a person’s lifestyle, and limits if not destroys any outside interests. It’s supposed to be this way because of the enormity of the responsibilities. It’s a short term gig because I don’t think many people could survive it much longer than 8 years. She will make a sacrifice-the effects of which will hopefully be minimal-but will most definitely exist. Only time will tell.

    And I just can’t bring myself to respond to rediculous statement that “why do we never say these things when the candidate is a man?”. The next man I see running for president that has milk engorging his breasts because he just gave birth to a baby I promise, I will treat the same.

    Listen, I like this lady. I love her politics. She’s obviously very strong minded and disciplined. I respect her alot and I will vote for her because to not vote is not an option for me. And I also believe they can do great things for our nation, and set some standards that will benefit the future generations. But I also believe her example is a setback for the “stay home and raise your own children while they need you – no matter the cost” movement.

    PS-Perry don’t worry about my delicate sensibilities – you didn’t offend me!

  11. Oh, and I didn’t need the media’s help on this one.

  12. Jeni,

    “And I just can’t bring myself to respond to rediculous statement that “why do we never say these things when the candidate is a man?”. The next man I see running for president that has milk engorging his breasts because he just gave birth to a baby I promise, I will treat the same.”

    Congratulations…that may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen written on this blog (and, btw, you did bring yourself to respond, lol.)

    I guess I better go back to work and let Vic come home and REALLY raise our daughter, as I still haven’t figured out how to lactate. If I’d known from the start that all it took to be a good parent was the ability to produce breast-milk, I could have saved myself a lot of sleep.

    The sexism and elitism underlying in that statement is astounding.

    Or, maybe I’m just being silly and naive…lol.


  13. I haven’t heard anything about Mr. Palin staying home to take care of the kids, I would feel better about it if that was the case. And, if McCain/Palin are elected, his business is going to be booming (thankfully-drill baby drill). The purpose of the breastmilk comment was not to diminish the job that stay at home dad’s do as second best. I was trying to point out that we don’t ask these questions of men running for office because it is very unusual for someone either that young or with children that age to run. If there was a man running that had a four month old baby, and his wife clearly had a busy career (like Mr. Palin’s), I would express the same concern. So, there’s no sexism or elitism here.

  14. Acerbic Villian on said:

    OK, someone must have swapped out Perry’s coffee with decaf. Holy crap! I have NEVER seen Perry this far off. Really. There’s something more to the picture on this that we don’t see.

    First of all –
    Perry: It seems you’re taking personal offense to the things that Jeni and XBOUND have typed. No one is saying you’re a bad dad. In fact, scroll up, they’ve said the opposite. Maybe they didn’t say the opposite ENOUGH, so you’re getting offended.

    After reading (and rereading) the posts here, I can clearly see the following:

    A) Perry has an emotional sensitive-spot in here that got bumped somehow. There’s more to the story here. I think it is this sensitivity that has skewed his understanding of the tone and intent of the three posts preceding (and the posts followng) his.

    B) The 2 women I’ve seen posting in this thread (Jeni and XBOUND) have developed very cogent and lucid arguments supporting their points. They’ve REPEATED those arguments in light of a certain degree of anxiety-ridden replies from Perry. I applaud their patience.

    C) Perry will misinterpret what I’m typing here.

    I know Jeni. Perry, you have mentioned that you also know Jeni. Because of the anonymity of Blogs in general, I’m not sure who XBOUND is, but it sounds like her intelligence is on par with Jeni’s (or Jeni is ghost-writing).

    Both have made honest attempts to explain their points and repeatedly Perry has missed it. (again, perhaps due to the emotional invetment Perry has in some tangentially related subject matter). <- all supposition here. Perry could be missing the point for an entirely different reason. But since I know Perry is a stay-at-home dad (and a great one), I’m guessing it’s related to that.

    Again, let me say this: Perry is a great dad. Stay-at-home or otherwise.
    This comment notwithstanding: “As for the 17yr old daughter…tough cookies.”

  15. Acerbic Villian on said:

    OK, you know what? Screw this. Perry, you’ve inappropriately squared off with two people while entirely missing the point. I’ll go ahead and reply to some of the points I see YOU making:

    1) You said this: “I’m curious why taking the job of vice-president automatically infers that she will abandon all pretense of caring for her family? Should this assesment be placed on ALL working mothers?”

    I’m guessing the resounding reply will be: “Yes, If by ‘Working Mothers’, you mean working mothers who also have full-time out of the home fathers…” IE: Yah, leaving your kids with nannies/child-care fulltime is bad. Just to be clear: I’m NOT saying that Vic is a bad mom. NOT AT ALL! Perry and Vic have one primary bread-winner and one primary at-home care-giver. To TRY to avoid getting sniped outside my front door, I’m trying to make this clear.

    2) You said this: “Please present me with the facts showing that being vice-president means abandoning your children?”

    Really? REALLY!? You’re gonna die on THIS anthill? In reply, I’ll just say this: “Please present me with the facts showing that bing a vice-president supports a notion that you’re an involved, available, loving and supportive parent.” I don’t think the burden of proof lies with Jeni and XBOUND here. Quite the opposite.

    3) You said this: “…and, btw, if we all thought like that, we’d have no standing army and/or we’d all still be British.”

    I don’t know where you’re coming from on this. Honest, I just don’t know where to start. It seems so segué. I’m sure there’s a connection there somewhere, I just don’t see it yet. Care to explain?

    4) You said this: “What mother wouldn’t seize the opportunity to make a real differnence in the society that her children will grow up in?”

    Many mothers do. I know Jeni does. I know my wife does. Are you suggesting that the only way for a mother to do this is through public-office? NO, I don’t think you’re saying that, because I know you. You’re a smart guy, and that’s a rediculous notion. SO I’ll just say: “what?”

    5) You said this: “Just because YOU couldn’t do it, please don’t assume NO ONE could. That’s egomania.”

    To be quite honest. I would impute ‘egomania’ to the posture you are adopting in this thread based on the following definition: “…the motivation to maintain and enhance favorable views of self to the point of being self-destructive.”

    Now… ON TOPIC:
    Jeni has said, repeatedly, that she thinks Palin is a great vice-presidential candidate. (and if I understand her correctly, she’s going to cast her vote for her)… bravo.

    I agree with Jeni. My first reacion when talking with my wife about this (and she and Jeni agree on this issue BTW) was: “Come on… you women’s lib femi… wait… actually no, my wife is intelligent… SCARY intelligent… she’s clearly not towing the Gloria Steinem line here… I’ll listen to her point.”

    So I did.
    I was persuaded to agree.

    Perry, I suggest you listen.

  16. Acerbic Villian on said:

    Last point I’ll make tonight on this topic:

    6) You said this: “Why do we never ask this question when the candidate is a man?”

    That’s actually a good question.

    I don’t remember anyone saying that Al Gore needed to be sure his wife quit her job when he went for vice president.

    I don’t recall ANY of the male vice-presidential (or Presidential) candidates having to contend with that sort of scrutiny.

    So, yes there is a bias here. That bias is not intended as some sort of personal affront or attack on you, BTW. You’re exuding a considerably emotionally charged attitude on this issue.

    Perhaps we all make the general assumption (right or wrong) that the female first lady is “home with the kids” while the husband goes to do his presidential duties. Perhaps we’re also all making the assumption that Mr Palin is “NOT home with the kids”… and that’s hitting our emotional “mom or dad spot” a little hard.

    I think after we alleviate that discomfort somewhat with the rationale that “Dads are good parents too”… we ought to just generalize and all agree that one of the two parents really ought to be there for that family that has been very publicly scrutinized right now.

    I’ll visit that comment you made about the 17-year old daughter who is pregnant right now. You know how EASY it would have been for that girl to get an abortion THE DAY she learned she was pregnant? She (and God) would have been the ONLY ones who knew there was a baby there.

    She didn’t.

    She actually made a GROWN UP decision to keep the child. She knew that her mom was going to be in a VERY public spotlight, and that her mom’s morals would be called into question by some idiot libhorul with an axe to grind. To be honest, the fact that this 17 year old girl DID NOT have an abortion speaks volumes to me about the morals her mom and dad instilled in her at a younger age.

  17. You know AV,

    It must just be exhausting to be as smart as you.

    I’m not going to bother replying to any of the three diatribes above, as I can see that you’re seated firmly in the saddle of your big white horse, and I’m just not that interested in unseating you.


  18. To all of the above…

    Let’s sum up the point of my original post in small, easy to read words…

    “PERRY thinks that MCCAIN made a really smart move by choosing PALIN.”

    That was it, that was all…

    Yet for some reason, the first three replies were all (IMO) self-righteous condemnations of Palin’s choice to accept the VP nom.

    Again, please READ my initial post…it wasn’t ABOUT Palin…it was about MCCAIN, and about McCain making (what I thought was) a brilliant political move.

    It also wasn’t meant to be an argument for or against:

    Special-needs babies
    Working Mothers
    Stay-At-Home Dads
    The importantance of milk-engorged breasts
    Caring for pregnant teens

    And okay, let’s stop playing the “defensive” card, shall we? I’m familiar with how it works…

    “Perry’s being all defensive!”

    So, now my only choice is to agree with you…or, well…I’m being defensive!

    Old trick. No thanks.

    Okay, I’m done.

    Did anyone watch the Shatner video? It was way better than this post anyway, lol!


  19. Acerbic Villian on said:

    My saddle on this white horse has awesome padding!

  20. wow. I love you guys. AV – the horse and rider are so appreciated. Sometime you and Perk need to give me lessons on how to communicate through typing. You’ve mastered it.

  21. “Sometime you and Perk need to give me lessons on how to communicate through typing. You’ve mastered it.”

    Jeni – it all comes down to self-talk…

    I find it helpful to mutter something like, “take THIS…jerkface…” whilst typing my replies.



  22. Mrs A.V. on said:

    I’m sorry, Palin who? I wasn’t listening.

  23. Intelligent Southern woman here, mother of three gifted, breastfed children. Gave up several six-figure jobs to make sure my kids were raised by the best possible caregiver–me. If their father had been better suited for the job, it might have been a different story. I believe all children deserve to be raised by at least one of their parents. I can always get another job later on. My kids have only one childhood.

    Not impressed a bit by Sarah Palin.

    And her hairdo is U-G-L-Y.

    :- O

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