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Dad’s Memorial


Frank Leon Perkins was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up, along with his brothers Raymond and Vern, and his sister Marlene, on a small farm where the Washington Sq. Mall is now located.


Working as a machinist, Frank took night-school courses to earn his Fry Cook license, and later graduated from Portland Community College with a degree in Culinary Arts.


He went on to chef for some of the finer restaurants in Oregon, including the Portland Hilton, and the Lake Oswego Country Club.


He was the third generation of chefs in the Perkins family.


Frank served in the United States Army, and moved to Tigard shortly after completing his tour of duty.


Soon after, he met Betty Jean Mosley, and on December 10, 1965, they were married. Their son, Perry, was born in February 1969.


In the summer of 1970, all three hitchhiked from Georgia to Oregon to return to their family here.


After retiring from the restaurant industry in 1986, Frank went to work cooking for a local mental-health care facility. Within two years, he was the on-site administrator at four locations; receiving awards from state and federal agencies, and from the Oregon State Special Olympics for his contributions on behalf of the mental-health care community.


Frank still loved to cook and often volunteered his skills by preparing fundraising dinners for local charities. He also prepared and hosted the rehearsal dinner for Perry and Victoria’s wedding.


Frank was ecstatic to finally become a Grandfather last year, and never hesitated to share new pictures and stories about Gracie with all of his friends and neighbors, often several times!


She will grow up knowing her Grandpa Frank through the love and memories that we will share with her.


We hear him in her laughter.


Dad loved to laugh, and his joy of life was shared with all those who knew him. Always ready to smile, to crack a joke, or to pick up the tab, you always knew that as long as he was around, you had someone to count on, and someone to make you smile.


To the children of his many friends, he was always “Uncle Frank.” To us he was father, grandfather, and always our buddy.


Congratulations, Coot…we’ll see you soon!


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6 thoughts on “Dad’s Memorial

  1. You have my deepest sympathies.
    The way you two always joked you never would have let me get away with saying this, but in truth I can see him in you, and yes that is a compliment.

    We will keep you guys in our prayers

  2. dinana on said:

    A beautiful tribute. Peace to your family.

  3. I never knew him personally, only through those who loved him, but reading this made me cry. Our prayers are with you, and I wish we were there.

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  5. What a wonderful tribute, Perry. How lucky we both were to have such amazing men for our fathers. I wrote my own tribute last September when my daddy died and posted it on my blog. Give it a read if you get a chance. http://joycescarbrough.blogspot.com/2006/09/my-greatest-influence.html

  6. Beautiful tribute to your Dad, Perry.
    I am sorry for your loss..you will be in our prayers.

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