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Hey all,


For those of you who I haven’t already bored with the details, NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month.”


It’s a annual contest of caffeine-induced insanity that pledges the writer to writing a 50,000 world novel, start to finish, during the month of November. This is my second year as a participant. Chris Baty, the inventor of NaNoWriMo, has published a book titled, “No Plot? No Problem” A Low Stress, High Velocity Guide to Writing A Novel in 30 Days.”


Based on the suggestions in this book, I’m posting this blog, and sending this email.


My new novel, “Brother Rat” will be started on November 1, 2008. My goal is at least 50,000 words by November 30, 2008. To reach this goal, Baty suggests creating some external stimulus (as well as obscene amounts of caffeine.)


So, here we go.




The chart below shows my word-count goals. Any person who reads this post/email is invited, nay requested, to ask me where my word count on “Brother Rat” is at any point, and is hereby welcomed to mock me mercilessly if I am behind schedule…no excuses on my part to be allowed.


Secondly, I will be posting updates on my progress and the current synopsis of the story on my blog. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, along the way.


Lastly, Baty suggests a “negative inducement” to keep me on track, so here it is…


If I have not reached a 50,000 word-count on “Brother Rat” by midnight on November 30, 2008…I will be contributing $100.00 to PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) a group that I have roundly mocked on this blog, and that I personally abhor as a bunch of tree-hugging, dolphin-smooching freaks.


If THAT doesn’t keep me on track, nothing will, lol!


Here we go.





November 1, 2008: 1,667 words

November 7, 2008: 11,669 words

November 14, 2008: 14,338 words

November 21, 2008: 35,007 words

November 28, 2008: 46,676 words

November 30, 2008: 50,000 words


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9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. AllisonK on said:

    Ok Perry, its the 7th…what’s your word count?

  2. Ugh…I’m about 2500 words behind, but I’ll catch up by the end of the weekend…

    Thanks for asking! LOL!


  3. I know you and I KNOW you would NEVER contribute to PETA so:


    With all love and tenderness,


  4. Dinana on said:

    If you DO make it, I will make a $10 donation to the NRA!

    HA! Take that as encouragement! (sorry, $100 is too rich for my blood) any other takers?

  5. write Perry, write for all your worth. Otherwise I will have to shoot my neighbors cat just to restore balance to the universe.

  6. Writing…writing…writing…

    Dinana…this is a written contract, lol, I’ll want to see the reciept…

    Kathy…please don’t let my success or failure keep you from whacking a cat…


  7. I would rather see you in a dress (and I have NO desire for this) than have you give money to PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Gary Lundblad on said:

    Awesome! You’ll do it or I’ll kill you for supporting them.

    LoveYou- ;O)

  9. Gary Lundblad on said:

    Ah heck, I’ll kill five cats if you don’t make it. But if you do make it, I’ll kill ten, just for you man…sniff sniff.

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