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President Obama…

Okay…so my guy lost.


I’m not ashamed to say that I voted for McCain.


I think John McCain would have been a great president, I respect his history, I respect his goals and I think that he fought a courageous fight against some daunting odds…overcoming a historically unpopular party leader and party, and overcoming the “historically significant” election of the first African-American president.


McCain is a man ten feet tall, who started out in a six-foot hole, and I respect his courage and tenacity. I have no doubt in my mind that he would have been an exemplary president.


But, that is not what the American people chose, and that’s what it all about.


The American people, of which I am a proud member, chose Barack Obama to be our president, and now I have to respect that.


I think we have made an enormous statement, we have elected the first “African-American” President, we have made a world-wide statement that ANY American can achieve the ultimate “American Dream.”




And, admittedly, I have far less issues with Democrat Obama than I had with Democrat Slick-Willy.


Now, it’s day one. Barack Obama is now going to be MY president.  He is now MY leader of what is the greatest country in earth.


You have said…


“To those Americans whose support I have not yet earned…I will hear your voice! We as a people, will get there…”


I can, without embarrassment, concede that Obama is a gifted speaker, an intelligent man, and (obviously) a talented campaigner.


Barack, I have listened to your speeches, and I’m not ashamed to say, that you made me WANT to believe you. I loathe the partisanship that dominates our countries politics, the sock-puppets that bark against anything that their opposing party has to say, that decries any sins of the opposing party in their own partisan self-righteousness


So, now, on the “morning after” I want to say this…


President Obama, you are now MY president, and so, you have my support. I didn’t vote for you, but I will make this promise…


IF you fulfill your promises, IF you do what you say you can do, and lift our country from where it is now, IF the United States of America is a better place, both financially and morally, in 2012, then I promise you this…


I will change my party-allegiance and I WILL VOTE FOR YOU.


I’m not interested in party-loyalty…I’m interested in results.


You are now my President, Barack…you have my support…


Now convince me…






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16 thoughts on “President Obama…

  1. Very well put…I cried last night when McCain gave his speech. I felt like so many Americans had turn their backs on him. He selfishly risked his life over and over for his country. He had to work and fight to get where he is today. I have so much respect for him.

    I read Obama’s books and his biography before I made my decision to vote for McCain. I was surprised to learn over the course of this election that most people that voted for Obama had no knowledge of who he was or what his life was like.

    But, as you said, Obama is our president and those of us who didn’t vote for him must support him and give him a chance.

    He will either prove us right or prove us wrong…I’m hoping for the latter.

  2. I’ll do you one better, Perk… forget about his promises, I will change my party affiliation if Obama can manage to simply uphold his oath of office.

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.” (emphasis mine)

  3. Dinana on said:

    Obama is a different kind of Democrat…is not interested it changing gun laws.

    I’m hoping he can really bring teamwork to our country. I don’t like “us vs. them”…never have, never will.

    I hope he restores the civil liberties that we have lost due to the policies of fear.

    I hope his is a government that really represents the people of this nation.

    The John McCain who conceded was the John McCain I respected. To bad he wasn’t that man on the campaign trail.

  4. Dinana,

    As much as I always hate to admit this (LOL) I agree with you…

    I watched McCain’s final campain speech on Tuesday morning and thought, “My God, where were YOU the last two months?”

    At the same time, if it’s going to be about speeches, I will be the first to admit, Obama gave me goosebumps in his acceptance speech.

    I, too, have sensed a departure from the typical particsanship in Obama’s commentary. If it is the truth of his nature and his goals, I will be happy to concede that I was wrong…


  5. Acerbic Villian on said:

    OK, I’m quoting me here:

    “To think that there is a vast and dynamic difference in Democrats and Republicans is a gross misconception resulting from fundamentally incorrect reasoning. Politicians are politicians…. Republicans will tell you they represent the religious right, the small business owner, and the family, while in reality, they represent big business and lobbyists. Democrats will tell you they represent minorities, diversity and change, while in reality, they represent big business and lobbyists. Although negative [dare I say… acerbic], I think there’s a tinge of truth to that statement.”

    McCain is a politician. To call him a Maverick is silly.

    Obama is a politician. To call him a “different kind of Democrat” or believe he’s going to lift us all up on to his cloud on high and carry us to the land of rainbows and happy unicorns (this is not really that far removed from what I’ve seen liborhuls say when interviewed on TV) is … well… dumb.

    SO why vote?

    Well, you can boil it down to how you perceive the candidates dealing with individual issues that are important to you.

    …my opinion of Obama? He’s likely going to do things that I don’t agree with. Quite a few things actually.
    — He’ll expand government.
    — He’ll continue to support and promote abortion.
    — He’ll likely increase taxes (and use my money to do those things listed above).
    — …
    — …

    Oh well… I’ll pray and teach my kids as best I can. If the world is a Obamatopia by 2012, you are all free to come to me and tell me how wrong I was. I’ll agree with you.

    I’m betting no one will be able to though. The problems we have now will still be there in one form or another by 2012, and 2016, and 2020.

  6. It must be exhausting to be so unconditionally cynical.

    No one said anything about the “land of unicorns or happy rainbows…” I’m assuming that this is your own take on Obama, or maybe just you enjoying the sound of your own wit.

    You know… I choose optimism. I may be wrong in the long run, but then again, maybe I won’t, and I have just a good a chance as you at being right in the long run.

    The difference, I think, is that I have a chance to enjoy the ride.

    Can Obama do what he’s promised?

    Maybe…maybe not.

    But he is now MY president and until he proves me wrong I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt and my loyalty as an American.


  7. Acerbic Villian on said:

    I appreciate you taking out the Loyalty under “L” in the dictionary. Condescension is one of my … um… buttons.

    Yah… I guess I’m a bit jaded when it comes to politicians. Is that coming across? 🙂

    It’s odd to hear YOU call ME cynical. I know you, dude. You’re a pretty cynical guy. I mean that in a good way. I don’t view being a cynic as a bad thing.

    I think our belief system supports the notion that “man is not altogether good…. by nature” That’s a viable definition of cynic.

    Regarding the “cloud and happy unicorns” statement. Yah… Actually, that’s not far from what I’ve heard. I exaggerate, of course, for the “sound of my own wit” aspect of it, but yah, it’s like the people who I’ve spoken with who are the ‘rabid’ liberals out there view Obama as some kind of second coming. That, and they usually push that whole “condescension” button. 🙂

  8. XBound on said:

    WAIT! Did I miss the unicorns and rainbows that the current political scene provided? That’s what happened when gas got too expensive…you just don’t leave the neighborhood. Shoot! I would have liked to have seen that…geeze I would have liked to see a picture of that!

    Less is the point the Obama will bring Obamatopia than a recalibrating the sense of what America was intended and meant to be regarding our prosperity in this life and how history and the world will view us.

    No matter what you think the USA is tarnished in spirit internally and in name in the world.(give me that pls..the “shine” was dwindling for decades).

    Individually facing that understanding that all is not perfect IS the point.

    Placing unrealistic expectations on a one man is pointless when the system is bleeding (putting it mildly).

    But the players, not the game, changed on Tuesday…As it does each time the team jerseys change.

    Only this time you have been asked to help or at least emotionally “project” your reluctant support to merely let them restablize..

    Let them actually fail us before calling them out.

    Either way, things can only get better on some levels…drinking a tiny bit of the Kool Aid will make it much easier. (I know we are all sick of drinking the Kool Aid but it’s blue raspberry this time! We’ll get you a nice Goofy Grape cup this time)

    Acerbic, aren’t you ready to be optimistic about something?

  9. I don’t think that Acerbic is going to protest in the streets, folks. His dissent is not going to slow down the progress of Obama’s “change” of our country. His lack of “support” isn’t going to prevent Obama from doing whatever it is that he is going to do.

    Like Acerbic, I am willing to let Obama proove me wrong, but until he does, why would my opinion of him change? I would LOVE for Obama to provide me a reason to change my opinion of him.

    This isn’t a case of “guilty until proven innocent”. We aren’t being unfair. We (Acerbic and I) are seeing a man who has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of making decisions that we think are deplorable. Simply because he has a new title, is that supposed to wipe the slate clean and cause us to forget what we already know about him?

    Power is like money, having more of it just causes one to be more of what one already is. America has just taken an individual whom I know supports some really bad policies, and give him the most powerful job in the land. It would take a lot of Kool Aid (preferably the green lemon-lime flavor) to break me of my cynicism and no speech can provide that. The rubber will hit the road very soon and if I am wrong, I will admit it when I am proven so.

    Until that time, may God bless and keep our new president… far away from anything that can’t be undone later.

  10. Acerbic Villian on said:

    Wade put it much better than I probably could have.

    QUOTE: “Acerbic, aren’t you ready to be optimistic about something?” heh… yup, I’m optimistic about a great many things. And if it isn’t clear already, those who are optimistic about Obama are …


    OK… I’m done.

  11. Except for the few who vote on issues most people vote with their pocketbook. People wanted a “change” and that is what they will get. I’m surprised McCain did as well as he did. The best thing, in my opinion, that happened is that we will get rid of Dick.

  12. freedomphil on said:

    To quote a certain supporting character in Friends…


    I find it admirable that a couple of you are claiming Obama as ‘your’ President thinking he will make a change that you find agreeable.

    Personally a man who has never challenged his party does not seem much of a reformer to me. I think I can guarantee you some things that will happen:

    1. Increased spending (this is actually a continuation of GWB policy — the bluest Republican ever)
    2. Increased Taxes: no surplus left over – as much as you may have disdained Mr. Clinton he presided over a very strong economy based much more closely on Reagan’s model than traditional Democratic ones
    3. Tyranny of the Left — some websites are already ‘cracking’ down on dissent (typical of left wing socialistic experiments)
    4. Cult of Personality – look at left wing movements of the 20th century and the cult like worship of their heroes (Che Guevara being maybe the best example) — hmmm sounds familiar

    All that said I think it is hard not to feel a little optimistic because I think everyone wouldn’t mind some unicorns and rainbows in what has become a bleak America thanks in large part to Mr. Bush and Cheney and all their cronies.

    On the good side of this there are probably things that Obama will do that are in line with what are truly Republican values (Conservation being one we’ve lost sight of)

    1. Renewable Energy – I image an all demo government can push through a lot more in this area
    2. Environmental Health – I think global warming isn’t as big an issue as the left makes it (The vikings used to farm in Greenland so why was it so warm then when they didn’t drive big automotive tanks like we do today?) but making big business clean up their messes and individuals act a bit more responsible in regards to the planet is not a bad thing (We can start with Al Gore himself who is the biggest hypocrite since…well since…Al Gore)
    3. Racism — hopefully this will signal the death blow to any idiot that still thinks color of skin is or should be an issue.
    4. Iraq — time to get out of something we shouldn’t have got into in the first place

    I still have grave concerns about Obama and who he has associated with, how he’s voted, his lack of experience (technically Sarah Palin has more ‘executive’ experience than Obama), etc but we will see.

  13. Thank you Janice…

    Never said that upcoming changes would be “agreeable” or “disagreeable.”

    Just that Obama is, in fact, to be “our” president, and that it can’t hurt to give the benefit of the doubt until/unless proven otherwise.

    Otherwise, I’m just another partisian duck, quacking in ignorance.

    If you don’t believe me, read some of those emails that you spam-catcher has been grabbing this week…

    I do, however, share your concerns about the “cult of personality.” JFK, Elvis, whatever, Obama is a man, not the Christ, and he will not overcome the sins of the world…


  14. freedomphil on said:

    You are much kinder/optimistic than me but I have been a skeptic of both parties for some time now.

  15. freedomphil on said:

    Shameless self promotion if you’d like my ‘take’ on Obama and the rest…


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