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Defining Myself by Shoes

Hey all,


I have lots of shoes, in fact, I have so many shoes that my wife had to put up one of those hanging organizer thingies in the closet (which most of my shoes don’t fit in, because I have great big Hobbit feet) but predominantly I wear one of five pairs; white sneakers, Wolverines (boots), brown loafers, or my black wingtips. (Six, if you include my fuzzy slippers!)


I just realized that I can totally define my circumstances based on what shoes I’m wearing at the time…


Slippers = I’m at home (or maybe on an early morning run to the store.)


Sneakers or Wolverines = I’m somewhere casual and comfortable, ie: work, church, a friend’s house, etc.


Brown loafers = I’m trying to make a good impression


Black Wingtips = Someone died.


Now, that sounds funny, but it’s really pretty close to the truth 99% of the time!


Can anyone relate?




PS – Barefoot = I’m in bed.


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5 thoughts on “Defining Myself by Shoes

  1. Naw, shoes are such a girl thing… 🙂

  2. I’m counting on my toes, but don’t come up with six pairs of shoes.

  3. Jeff –

    Well, that’s an unfair calculation…no matter what shoes you wear, someone’s died, lol!


  4. Can’t really relate to the shoe thang, Perry. We’uns in Alabama don’t wear ’em less’n we just HAS to, you know!

    Maybe you should design a special pair of writing shoes. You know, like flipflops with antennas hot-glued on them to pick up those important vibes from the Muse! Maybe decorated with colorful erasers and binder clips!

    BTW, I’m so jealous of your NaNo progress! Between working on an event our local writers’ group sponsored yesterday (I’m the pres!) and family drama from my sister, I’m WAAAAAY behind.

    Gotta get some of those writing shoes . . .

  5. Joyce…

    I like the writing shoes idea…

    Starting out in Georgia, I’m a barefoot boy myself!


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