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Thank You Reverend Jointer

It must have been like his worst nightmare come to life.


Friday, noon, New Hope Missionary Baptist church, North Portland.


While studying for his Sunday sermon, as another pastor was officiating a funeral down the hallway of his church, Reverend Robert C. Jointer heard gunshots, followed by screams. Mourners, including mothers with small children, fled the building, taking refuge in nearby home and behind parked cars.


According to the Oregonian, Jointer didn’t know the family folding the funeral, but had allowed his church to be used at the request of a local funeral home.


A young man, with alleged gang ties, was shot three times and later died.


What caught my eye in this report?


Reverend Jointer’s comments to his congregation on Sunday, as quoted in Tuesday’s Metro section (B1, B3):


“If he (the shooter) is apprehended, I intend to spend time with him and share God’s word. That person, his life is in disarray. He needs to know Christ, and that’s my responsibility.”




Reverend Jointer, you make me proud to be your brother. Thank you for reminding me (and I often forget) that it’s not about “us & them,” or “the good guys vs. the bad guys,” it’s about people who have, by His grace, come to know Jesus, and those who haven’t.


If I call myself a Christian, then that’s my responsibility too.






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2 thoughts on “Thank You Reverend Jointer

  1. I’ve been working on that same lesson lately. Someone took my mom to task unfairly, one of my hubby’s workers created a situation that made him look bad–again unfairly, a couple of drug addicted mothers have babies who are being cared for by friends…
    I want justice and those who are hurting others to be hurt themselves but God whispers, “As you forgive others, so you will be forgiven. Pray for these lost ones. I love them as much as I love you. They need me as much as you need me.”
    I must pray, forgive and love them because if I don’t have love, I’m nothing more than a clanging gong as I share about Christ.

  2. I’m sure at some time in our lives we have all had to go through making a choice whether to forgive or not. Some choices are more dramatic than others. I had a father who was an alcoholic and it took 30 years for me to forgive. But it changed my perspective on judging and forgiving others. God waited that long for me to come around.

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