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The $7.36 Balance Board Step Riser (For Wii Fit)

Hey all,


Given that the commercially released 4in riser runs around $90, and would be impossible for me to use once my wife broke both my legs for spending $90 on an ankle-high plastic platform…


I took the opportunity to head over to HomeDepot!


Here’s what I built with my own three thumbs, for less than eight bucks. Trust me, if I can build it, ANYONE can!

Home Depot will even cut the boards to size for you.



2x2x12in boards (3)

2x2x24in boards (2)

12x24x1in plywood (1)

2in wood screws (6)

3in wood screws (6)



1 – 2x2x8 = $1.71

12x24x1in ply = $4.22 (check the scrap box by the saw, you might get it free!)

12 screws = $0.34

TOTAL: $6.37


Oh…plus .99 for a hot dog out front of the store! Grand total: $7.36


This project took about five minutes to assemble with my DeWalt screwgun. You could add a piece of carpeting to the top (I was planning to) but I’ve done three 30 minute freestep sessions, and the balance board never budged. (The plywood surface is fairly rough.)


I do recommend pre-drilling the holes in the 2×2’s if you can. It might not be a big deal, but I have had 2×2’s split on other projects if the holes weren’t pre-drilled.


So there you go, saved yourself about 83 bucks and you got a riser and lunch!


Here are the pictures…








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23 thoughts on “The $7.36 Balance Board Step Riser (For Wii Fit)

  1. You made that! I guess you learned something from the birdhouse and the pinewood derby racers.

  2. I owe it all to YOU, man!

    I still have “our” bookcase, it keeps a place of honor here in my office and holds all my writing books.


  3. That’s a beautiful thing. Emailing to handy-dandy dad right now… 😀

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  5. Nice, simple solution you have there. Makes you wonder how they justify the $79 price tag.

  6. brenda on said:

    I found you on the search engine and this is what I have been looking for – I was wondering if you could tell me if when using the riser you have made, does it give acurate reading on the Wii as far as your workout goes or does it show that you miss steps etc…just curious and thanks so much for taking the time to do this and write it up for all of us to see – I appreciate it

    • Brenda,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Nope, I’ve never noticed any difference, it seems to read the steps just as accurately.

      I think this is because the step above is just so darned “solid” – make with 2x2s and plywood – that it negates and sag or sway. Not sure if this would be the case with lighter, plastic risers… especially on carpet.

      Hope that helps!


  7. Sheila on said:

    What a wonderful idea! I’ve bookmarked this page to show it to my husband. I know he would happily make me one. Thanks so much for sharing! You rock Perry!

  8. Sheila,

    Thanks! Hope it works for you!


  9. DeborahB on said:

    This is exactly what I need! I’ve printed out your directions and am heading to Lowe’s today. You rock! Thanks!

  10. Hmmm! Health and safety issues do not seem to be an issue here! Splinters in the toes – great. I will be building one of these just to stop the endless rise and fall of her butt during the big match!

  11. Sounds like she’s a lucky girl.

  12. Hi Perry,

    I know its been awhile since you went to home depot to build your riiser. I just went today and all the items you said to get cost me $26.00. I was going to return it and just get the riiser from Amazon.com since the cost is now 19.99 but I figure with shipping I would still be spending the same amount and a lot of people reviews are that its shaky and with this it shouldn’t be. I hope it turns out ok.

  13. Perry, thank you for posting this. I bought all of the materials last night and I am about to make it now and I think that your photo shows 3@ 2x2x24″. Am I missing something? I have never buil anything before, so maybe I am incorrect.

    I bought this, per the list:

    2×2x12in boards (3)

    2×2x24in boards (2)

    12×24x1in plywood (1)

    2in wood screws (6)

    3in wood screws (6)

  14. Sib,

    You’re right, lol, I wrote that backwards! It should be:

    2×2×12in boards (2)

    2×2×24in boards (3)

    Still, shouldn’t make a difference. Just put the 3 – 12 inch boards in direct contact with the plywood, and then use the 2 – 24inchers for the “legs”


  15. mickbuely on said:

    hi there every one – hope yous had a great time – iv blew 3 months of dieting in one day ha , all the best for the comming year – mick b

  16. I just built mine but I changed the dimensions to 18×24 because I bought a carpet remnant to glue to the top. I am just going to keep my board closer to the back of the new platform since I don’t think I have ever walked off the front in any of the exercies on Wii Fit +. We only have one hardware/lumber store so I had to do my own cutting but no biggie. I bought a 2×2 piece of plywood and cut it down to 18×24. I then had to buy 2 7ft lenghts of 2×2 to cut down. Total cost for plywood, 2x2s, screws and a carpet rement that I glued down was $8.86. I would post a pic but don’t think I can. I would have to say I had it done in less than 30 minutes too. Yeah!! Girls rock!!

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