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What to send our troops

When I was a missionary in Nigeria, nothing brightened my day like receiving a care package from home. Often, these packages would contain every-day items that would leave me weeping for joy.

One item, however, that folks back home seemed to love to send was peanuts.

Sending peanuts to someone in Nigera is kinda like sending pineapples to your friends in Hawaii. Peanuts were everywhere, available for next to nothing on almost every corner…in almost every local recipe.

There was a point where, if I’d never seen another &*$%# peanut again, I would have died with a smile on my face!

In that light, it’s always good to get some “feedback from the field” when it comes to care-packages.

If you’re interested in sending something to our heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan, here are some tips directly  from the boys and girls in the sandbox…

Thank You notes!!! (Home made is great! Great project for the entire family on thanksgiving day!

Powdered drink mixes are especially good (Gatorade, propel, Kool-Aide)
Non-melting candy and gum
Canned or dry soups, chowder
Canned fruit
Breakfast, protein and granola bars
Beef summer sausage
Beef jerky
Crackers, canned chips and pretzels
Tuna in a pouch or pop-top cans
Raisins, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit
Hot sauce in plastic containers
Bean and cheese dips
Popcorn in packages

Waterless and antibacterial sops
Hair products including combs and brushes
Nail clippers
Foot powder
Baby wipes
Toothpaste and tooth brushes
Dental floss
Disposable razors and shaving cream (non aerosol)
Hand/Body lotion
Cotton swabs
Eyeglass wipes

Lip Balm
No-water aspirin
Moisturizing/ cleaning eye drops
Saline nasal spray
Throat drops
Aloe Vera burn gel
Suntan lotion
Flexible cloth bandages
Blister care
Oral pain reliever

Board games, cards and puzzles
DVD’s and CDs
Books, magazines(used but current are great) and comic books
Football, baseball, soccer or Nerf balls
Baseball gloves
Dart boards
Small electronic games with batteries

AT&T international calling cards
Disposble cameras
Handmade crafts
Swimming Goggles
Air fresheners
Blank post cards
Blank greeting cards
Letter writing paper

Finally, make sure you check out this great article by fellow blogger Tiffany Manley (BellaOnline’s Military Families Editor) titled, “Tips for Sending Care Packages Overseas.

The only thing worse than getting a box full of peanuts, is not getting a box at all!

We want our soldiers to hear from us first hand that we appreciate their sacrifice!



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