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Thank you for reading!


I just want to say a big Thank You! to everyone who downloaded the free e-copy of my novel, “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One.” Your response was wonderful! I expected a few takers…and got over 300!

In fact, to make that “thank you” a little more meaningful, I want to offer each of you a couple of specials:

1. If you enjoyed the e-book version of “Just Past Oysterville: Shoalwater Book One” and would like to add a hard-copy to your library, here’s a special coupon code you can use to order it directly from my publisher at 20% off the cover-price: XN9PNUF4

Just go to this page: https://www.createspace.com/3418052 and enter the code above to get your discount.

2. If you enjoyed reading about Cassie, and her adventures, in Just Past Oysterville, I think you’ll love sharing her further adventures in “Shoalwater Voices: Shoalwater Book Two.” Here’s a 50% off coupon code to download the e-book! – SD97Y

Just go to this page: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7907 and enter the code above to get your discount.

Lastly, if you’ve had a chance to finish reading book one, could you do me a HUGE favor, and post a review on Amazon.com

Positive reviews really make a big difference in turning browsers into buyers! Here’s the link: Amazon Reviews

Thank you all so much!


PS – If any of the dishes mentioned in Just Past Oysterville made your mouth water, check out: The Shoalwater Cookbook: Incredible Edibles from the Shoalwater Books


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