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New Facebook Freezing, Locking Up?

Okay…very interesting!

Ever since I inadvertently “upgraded” to the new Facebook (may a thousand fleas infest their shorts), I’ve had it lock up on me several times a day (can’t post or comment.) Up until now, I’ve had to close the program, and then open it again in a new window. Did Bill Gates buy Facebook, or what? Ugh!

Just now, I noticed (as it froze up once again) that the URL was reading – http://www.facebook.com/#!/

Well, I didn’t remember ever seeing any “/#!/” before…so I deleted it from the URL, clicked refresh, and sure enough…everything worked again!

Give it a try!



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One thought on “New Facebook Freezing, Locking Up?

  1. passed it on on face book yes I have been having problems also

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