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Smart phone and Tablet – Best of both worlds.

This is the largest screen available in any current android smart phone (it’s huge!), and I think it’s the perfect balance between a standard small-screen smart-phone and that heavy tablet, weighing in at just 4.5 ounces.

It’s basically your Samsung Galaxy tablet in a cell-phone format. This is an android system, so you have thousands of apps available, and at $69.99/mo the everything data plan is a steal!

Let me know if you can any questions, shoot me an email, or check out my online store…I’d love to help you order this phone!

– Perry

Samsung Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch)

$199.99 with new Sprint Contract

The Epic 4G Touch gives you entertainment content on-the-go with its ultra-thin design, huge 4.52 inch touch screen and unrivaled Super AMOLED Plus technology offering deeper, richer color for the best display and picture quality.

The Epic 4G Touch also includes an 8 megapixel camera/camcorder with auto-focus and flash that shoots HD video with incredible detail. A 2 megapixel front-facing camera is perfect for self-portraits and video chat


* ·Amazing 4G Android Smartphone Featuring A Huge 4.52″ Super AMOLED Plus Display
* ·Dual-core 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos Processor For Lightning-fast Access and Quick Downloads
* ·Dual Cameras – Advanced 8MP Camera and 2MP Front-facing Camera For Video Chats, Live Share and More
* ·3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Capability Connects Up To 8 Wi-Fi-enabled Devices To The Internet
* ·Record In HD and Easily Playback Wirelessly On Your HD TV and Other DLNA Certified Devices
* ·Popular Apps Pre-loaded With Thousands More Available In The Android Market
* ·Integrated GPS Supports Location-based Apps Such As Google Maps and Sprint Navigation
* ·Simultaneous Voice and Data Capability In 4G and WiFi Mode – For Increased Multitasking
* ·Voice Talk By Vlingo Allows You To Give Voice Commands For Voice Dial, Text, Web Browsing and More
* ·Sprint Apps Like Sprint Zone, Sprint TV and Movies, Sprint Navigation, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile

Everything Data 450 Plan $69.99/mo

* 450 Any Mobile, Anytime – Unlimited Wireless Calling
* Unlimited Email, Web Browsing & Messaging
* Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messaging







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