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Century Road Tree Farm Rocks!

So, we took the Pickle on the annual TeamPerkins Christmas tree hunt today. Instead of pointing the meat wagon south towards Silverton, we took a friend’s advice and cruised out to Estacada to Century Road Tree Farm.

A little off the beaten path, but still easy to find, the gravel road ends at a lovely two-story farmhouse, surrounded by acres and acres of beautifully flocked, live trees.

Now, cutting our own tree is something we’ve been doing for a lot of years, so I can say with some level of expertise that while the price of the trees is more than fair, both the quality of the trees, and customer service are the best I’ve come across in two decades of noble safaris.

The hard part was choosing a single tree…among the dozens that seem like “just the right one!”

The folks at Century Road smile, shake your hand, laugh, and just generally make you feel like a long-lost cousin. They also keep their saws sharp, the cider hot, and provide an ingenious hand cart for effortless transportation of your tree from field to barn.

Trees are then machine shaken, and net-bound (each at no additional charge), and there were even a couple of young bucks braving the rains to heave our prize onto our van and tie it in place for us.

Marty Gant, the owner and operator of Century Road Tree Farm, planted his first Christmas tree on the property in 1980, and has completely re-planted the property twice.

At full capacity, the farm boasts ten-thousand trees, and, given the quality of every tree we saw, must represent an astounding amount of hands-on attention.

Our four-year-old had a blast (there’s even a play structure in front of the barn); with Christmas music playing, hot cider and coffee provided to warm you up, and candy canes for the kiddos, Century Road doesn’t miss a beat.

Even in the pouring rain (and boy, was it), it’s a great time for all!

We’ll be back next year.

Century Road Tree Farm
24828 S. Century Road
Get Directions

Open 9 a.m. to dusk Saturdays and Sundays. Call for an appointment on weekdays. Noble firs. U-Cut, with shaker and baler services. Coffee, cider and candy canes.

Marty, and his wife Teri, are the founders & executive directors of The Father’s Heart Street Ministry in Clackamas, Oregon, as well.


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