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We do things a little differently around here…and one of the things we like to do differently is to help other small businesses get the best value and options on their telecommunications and business services.

We offer a 100% free evaluation of your current telecom package, your needs, and what you’re actually using, then provide a comprehensive analysis and report on where you’re getting the best return on your services, and where you might be able to find better value.

Services like…

~ Internet
~ Business phone systems & packages
~ Cellular phones & packages
~ Cable & satellite television
~ Security systems
~ 24/7 Computer Tech Support
~ Electric and gas Services*
~ Business Printing
~ Website/blog design and hosting
~ Small business marketing & advertising

So, the first question everyone asks us is…how do we get paid?

Again, our personal evaluation, analysis and report are provided at no charge to you, our small business client. Often, we’ll find that you’re already getting the best value available in your market, and you can rest comfortably with peace of mind, knowing that your telecom and business services are ship-shape.

Other times, we’ll be able to find you providers that offer a better value, price, or service packages that more closely fit your needs.  We work with both local and major providers, and many of these providers offer us a commission to bring them new clients.

These commissions come from corporate advertising budgets, and are not tacked on to your monthly bill.

We also offer the same 100% free evaluation for your personal telecom and home services needs.

Give us a call, or send us an email today…and let us insure that you’re getting the best possible value for your home or small business!


Perry, Chris & The AdTelCon Team

Advantage Telecom Consultants
PO Box 21
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 816-5937

*Energy services are currently available in select states and markets in the US & Canada.


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