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The mail server imap.gmail.com is not responding

Ran into this issue on my iPad2 this morning. This fix worked quite nicely…

1. Close the mail app on your ipad

2. Go your Mail Settings on from Google’s web mail client (It’s under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab) and make sure IMAP is enabled. If it’s not, enable and save. If it is, disable, save, re-enable, and save again.

3. Relaunch you mail app. This worked for me.

If it doesn’t work, the next step is deleting the account on you iPad, and adding it again.

Here’s the thread on iPad Forums.



Apple iPhone releases tonight…yawn.


Hey all, Well, the much anticipated Apple iHype…er, I mean…iPhone releases tonight, and I can sum up my near frantic anticipation with two words….WHO CARES? 

No, I’m not blogging this morning from a sleeping-bag on some chilly sidewalk outside the Apple store. A new Star Wars movie might elicit that kind of fanaticism, but not an over-priced, over-hyped phone. 

At $600 and STILL requiring a two year contract, I’m going to have to say, “No thanks, Stevie…” 

I think I’ll stick to my Palm Treo at a quarter the price, and stay home and watch “The Star Wars Holiday Special” tonight. Still, I do have to ask, even if they have the money to blow… WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING? 

Quick lesson from recent history…it’s a first release! It’s going to be buggy, and product support won’t be up-to-snuff on training yet!  

Can we remember a little thing called the iPod? This phone is going to be patched, upgraded, and down-priced at least three times in the next year or so! People are going to be screaming that tech support is clueless, and everyone else is  going to get a GREAT deal on competing products! (I know I did!) 


Okay, well great! Now I’m all awake and everything, I might as well head down to Starbucks and buy 342.85714 (that was for you, AV) venti coffees with the money I saved. 


PS – You know that the REAL questions here are…does Paris Hilton have one yet and, if not, who’s standing in line for HER?



Hey all,

Okay, I think I have a new hero…Legoman! Nathan Sawaya’s stuff is amazing!

I’ve had a love affair with legos for as long as I can remember.  I even worked on t hier tech-support team for the Lego Mindstorm robotics line (briefly) before coming to Xerox.

I had tons of them scattered around the house as a kid, and a couple of college buddies and I used to go to a parent’s house and play with legos on Sunday afternoons (remember that Phil?)

Check out this guy’s artwork. Sure beats the crap we used to build, lol.

I don’t rememeber THIS job beging offered on Career Day!


PS – Lego’s are HIGH on the list of reasons I’m looking forward to being a dad, lol. Gracie’s gonna have a TON of these. She might veen get to play with some!

New Toy! New Toy! New Toy!

Okay, so we’re at Costco last night, pushing the giant wheeled barge of doom up and down the aisles, and low-and-behold, we find ourselves in the camping section!

I’m kinda half-heartedly looking at stuff (most of which I’ve already got three of) when I stumble across THIS bad-boy:


Coleman Fold-N-Go. Same size burners and BTU’s as my Camp-Chef (which is approx the size and weight of a occupied coffin)…

Read more…

Scarecrow Sprinkler…so much potential…


I get so much pleasure from reading Gizmodo posts, they should be charging me!

One of today’s is titled: Scarecrow Sprinkler Scares Away the Critters.

Forget critters! Don’t they realize how much fun your could have with neighborhood kids, mailmen, and Jenbovah Witnesses???

Picture it…

You line these bad-boys up along the front walk. Half angled in to the right, half to the left.

About the time your victim hits the middle, the fun starts. No where to run to, baby, they set off the next sprinkler whichever direction they go!

Just sit on your porch with a yoo-hoo and a video camera…more fun than a bug-zapper!


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